Our mission as a business...

Masama is a young company, aiming for the implementation of sustainable solutions when it is possible! 

From the production of the coffee, its transformation, the choice of the packaging and the transportation, we want to commit to select the best options, in line with our values. 

Unfortunately, a 100% environmental friendly business is still not easy to achieve! 

The mission of the company is guided by commitments to the following principles:

Empowerment of the coffee farmers

Empowerment is a big word. It mostly means to enable our partners to get more confidence in the quality of their products and their right to request a fair price. The economical aspect is indeed very important!

Promote conservation of the soil, biodiversity in the productive environment and its surroundings

All the coffee farms selected are part of an agroforestry system. Meaning that the coffee is cultivated together with other trees that provide shade for a better quality of the coffee beans and protection of the environment

Provide diversification options to the coffee producers

Most of our partners also grow fruit trees, keep honey bees or even produce brown sugars in the same land they grow coffee. Masama sees here an opportunity to diversify, and thus secure, the income of its partners.

Masama single origin coffees

Sustainable and safe production methods with a commitment toward Residues 0

That is a hard one! Today most coffee farmers are using synthetic inputs in their land...We bring back traditional knowledge and methods to ensure Nature is the center of our care.

Connect the producer and the consumer

This is a dear one to us! After years of working with farmers, we realized that they don’t know why or where their crop is going most of the time! It is our responsibility at Masama to be this platform of encounter and social discovery. We want to help to create a strong relational fabric where all parties are free to share and connect!

Development of coffee sourcing guidelines

We are not ready for a third-party certification yet, but we are concerned about quality! Our years of experience have enabled us to create our own standards that incorporate sound environmental and socio-economic requirements.

What is 'quality' at Masama?

A social facet!

We ensure all of our Indonesian partners receive a decent price for their coffee. We also support them in getting appropriate materials and funds for their coffee harvest and processing.

Fresh and safe coffee beans…

We closely monitor the humidity content of the beans we purchase from our partners, and carefully store them in our roasting facility. We roast maximum 7 days before the shipment, ensuring your beans to be as fresh as possible once they arrive home!

Local Impact whenever it is possible!

Masama is working exclusively with Indonesian producers, artisans, manufacturers...We believe it is our duty to focus on the brand anchoring in the territory.