In Bali, in the region of Kintamani, where orange trees and marigold thrives, Made Sukarta has been planting coffee for 10 years. He received seedlings from the government and learned by himself how to select the right seeds and cultivate the coffee trees. 

From the sale of his first harvest, he purchased cows, sometimes up to 4, that he will breed and sell again after a year. Every year, he saves the income so he can build his house and the house of his parents!

He is working today together with his 22 years old son Agus, that has brought a sustainable vision to the way coffee is cultivated. To adopt a coffee tree with Masama is to support the improvement of their post-harvest process and the quality of their arabica beans. 

Arabica, var. CoBra

Region: Dusun Bon, Bandung regency, Bali, Indonesia

Altitude: 1140 masl

Process: Natural

Tasting notes

Right after grinding, this Balinese arabica releases beautiful buttery chocolate flavors.

I drink this coffee at all times of the day, using my favorite ceramic coffee dripper. When warm, the liquid is slightly spicy, with hints of sweet cinnamon, and bitter in after taste. In the mouth, the body is round and light…I always extend my coffee experience until the liquid is almost cold: the citrus, pomelo-like tastes are then appearing and completing the experience!



Young 29 years old Mika has been working for 6 years in the tourism industry in Bali when he decided to go back to his village, in the hills of Pupuan. His grandfather and father have been planting and cultivating Robusta for years, he believes it is his responsibility to help them today.

Joining the community of farmers, he is looking to increase his knowledge, learning from the elders, and experimenting on agroforestry with Masama. 

In an aging community of Balinese farmers, younger people showing more interest in the service sector, it is pretty rare to find dedicated young farmers like Mika! 

Together with his family, he wants to switch to a better cultivation method in order to promote Balinese Robusta coffee!

Robusta, var. Kalibendo, Bangalan, Tugu Sari 6

Region: Desa Pajahan, Pupuan regency, Bali, Indonesia

Altitude: 578 masl

Process: Natural

Tasting notes

I usually use my french press to extract the best of this Robusta coffee. 

After 4 minutes of infusion, I press myself a great mug of coffee in the morning. This coffee loaded with caffeine is a great way to wake up.  The rich taste of brown sugar, like the one we get from the palm trees here in Indonesia, is dominant. Chocolate-nibs-like taste appears as well as hints of bitter almond and banana!

The perfect gourmand, and powerful, coffee!


Not sure about an adoption?

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