We create ceramic accessories with simply earth, water and fire.

Live the roasting experience in your own home.

“The scent of freshly brewed coffee pervades the room as you prepare breakfast”

“The sound of the coffee grinder transforming the roasted beans into flavored powder”

Based on these sensory experiences, we worked to offer another caffeinated adventure!

In collaboration with the ceramic artisans of Tanteri, West Bali, we have created a very simple object that allows you to roast your coffee in your kitchen!

Inspired by artisan roasters from Ethiopia, the home of coffee, we’ve given your next favorite tool a rounded, smooth shape! Each Indonesian clay item is hand-painted, and our carpenter Ketut added a wooden handle, adjusted for each of the manual roasters.

I have had a lot of fun preparing and testing for you the hand roaster we have created with Tanteri! 

To me, to be able to roast at home completes my coffee experience or my coffee ceremony as I like to call it. Thinking that each of these pieces has been shaped by such an amazing team of artisans brings a lot more joy to this moment!

This first series of roasters borrows the colors of Masama, inspired by the shades of nights and days in Indonesia. Each ceramic roaster is accompanied by sachets of 250 grams of green coffee beans, from our Balinese farmers! 

I hope you will find a place in your homes for those hand roasters! 


Shelter other pieces of Indonesia into your homes.

Masama introduces you to Indonesia, its artists, artisans and traditions. As we are very attached to the natural elements, we have created objects that you can use every day, local pieces of art, made of water, earth and fire!​