Have you ever thought you could adopt a coffee tree?

How does it work?

Adoption coffee tree Masama

Our Adoption Period

Our adoption period opens every year on the 1st of November and closes in July

Adoption coffee tree Masama

Pick a name

Select the origin of the trees you want to adopt and pick the name you want to see carved in a wooden sign

Pre-order system

Receive e-letters

Get bimonthly updates in english or in french about your adopted coffee tree and the family of producers

Get your beans roasted with Masama

Customise your coffee

Answer our questionnaire and select the roasting and the packaging of your beans

Pre order system - coffee tree adoption with Masama

Receive 2 kilograms of Coffee

Enjoy a cup of coffee from your own roasted beans, share it with friends and enjoy the aromatic taste of Indonesia

Coffee tree branches from Masama

Ready to meet indonesian Farmers?

line drawing Amandine from Masama

Hello there,

I am Amandine

the founder of Masama!

After years of working with farmers, I realized that most of the time producers don’t know where their crop is going or how it is used…
And, consumers also wonder about the origin and context of the production of the coffees they buy!
At Masama, I feel it is our responsibility to be this platform of encounter and social discovery.

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From coffee beans to ceramic accessories, you can be sure to find the right match for your need, or for a gift!

What about roasting your beans at home?

We have created a very special ceramic tool for you to experience roasting in your own kitchen!

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