Letters from Indonesia.

Dear coffee lovers, 

Sometimes a simple web page or an instagram post is not enough to tell you about us. 

I send letters from Indonesia right here, to tell you how much I love to work with the coffee growers, my vision of the brand or just how I like coffee!

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After years of meeting with farmers all over Indonesia, spending hours in the forest, talking about the different layers of plants present, the one that are disappearing…and drinking kopi tubruk by the front door… More here.

When I started to think about this project with Made and Bayu in Bali, we found out that in average, a coffee tree would produce 2kgs of roasted bean per year! 

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When it came to picking the post-harvest process for our beans, we went straight toward the natural way, that is also called the dry process! 

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I don’t know about you, but I really care about the life cycle of the plastics I use … because they are everywhere! And especially in our natural environments and our oceans!
Having lived in Indonesia for several years, I have witnessed…more here.

Have you heard of the King of Fruits?

I first met with Durian during my trip to the cinnamon plantations of West Sumatra. My friend Salam got it from the local market, in the city of…more here

Have you ever looked at the price of your coffee per kilogram? I came across a few numbers about the cost of coffee that I thought I would share with you…more here.

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