Letters from Indonesia.

Dear coffee lovers, 

Sometimes a simple web page or an Instagram post is not enough to tell you about us. 

I post about our experiences building Masama right here!

Read more by clicking on the links below!

Hope you enjoy, 

With Love,

Coffee Recipes

Coffee & Onion Jam Recipe

Coffee and Onion Jam Recipe We feel like experimenting, and it turns out good! Here is a simple recipe to try with Masama’s robusta coffee

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Coffee Brewing

King of Fruit x Coffee

Have you heard of the King of Fruits? I first met with Durian during my trip to the cinnamon plantations of West Sumatra. My friend

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Lontar Boxes for coffee
Sustainable business

A green packaging story

Dear Coffee lovers, I don’t know about you, but I really care about the life cycle of the plastics I use … because they are

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about coffee

Going the natural way

Dear coffee lovers, Our brand is built to consciously integrate the elements that participate in our coffee production. Our logo itself illustrates the soil, the

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