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Frequently asked questions

Yes! Simply choose ‘Gift a coffee tree adoption’ in our Boutique, just here for an Arabica tree and here for a Robusta tree. We will send you an adoption certificate to share with the recipient.

Letters from Indonesia and the final products will be sent to the person that received this beautiful gift. 

Growing and processing coffee takes time! 

Our adoptions open every November until the month of June. The harvest lasts from June-July to September. We ship the green coffee beans in November, a year after! So, you will receive your coffee around the end of the year, depending on your location in the world and the type of shipment selected!

For the micro-lot, we roast once a month, so it can take a few days to 3 weeks for you to receive the freshly roasted coffee, depending on the date you have ordered it!

Yes! We acknowledge that everyone has its own preferences when it comes to the extraction of the coffee! Before the shipment, we will ask you to choose in between several types of roasting and grinding. 

If you have no idea what you would like, let us guide you here:

Your coffee is packed in a home-compostable bag, protected in a hand-woven palm box. Only our label will need to be removed and recycled, the rest can be reused or composted!

To send your coffee, we use only cardboards and paper that you can reuse or recycle. You can also pick the Repack options that allow us to reuse the shipment packaging! (see here).