Special recipes for special coffees.

Brewing guide

I hope you’ll like this selection of recipes for you to try at home! Remember that every coffee is different, and have fun modifying those brewing guides to get to the taste that you like the most. 

I have also added a few general tips at the bottom of the page, read them carefully!

French Press

Coffee type: Full body and powerful aromas

Brewing method


Inspired by an Italian tool used to separate Tomato skins and pulps from the juice, Attilio Callimani created the French Press or coffee plunger in 1929.



  1. Grind 6g of coffee, it should be chunky, a bit like refined sugar
  2. Preheat your french press with hot water, and empty the water
  3. Add 6g of coffee and 33ml of water at 93-96 C 
  4. Bloom for 30s
  5. Stir actively, up and down, for 10s
  6. Add the rest of the water (67ml)
  7. Put the plunger on the press and brew for 4min 
  8. Slowly plunge the press down and serve immediately! Don’t let the coffee inside the press as it risks becoming bitter.

Moka Pot by Bialetti

Coffee type: Coffee made with the Moka pot is unique, deliciously full-bodied, textured, and sharp

Brewing Method


Between icon and tradition, created in 1933, The Bialetti Moka express has been a staple in Italian cuisine and in the history of coffee since the 1950s.



  1. Grind 15-17g of coffee, it should look like table salt
  2. Fill with water the base of the Moka Express without going past the safety valve (ideally with filtered or mineral water)
  3. Heat over medium heat until boiling without the top and funnel.
  4. When it comes to a boil, turn off the heat.
  5. Add the ground coffee in the funnel to the edges (15 / 17g) and level with your fingers without tamping.
  6. Install the filter on the base of the Moka express and screw the top part into it.
  7. Place the coffee maker on the stove over medium heat, leaving the lid open.
  8. Once the power of the jet begins to build up (you will hear it), close the lid, turn off the heat and let the extraction finish quietly.
  9. Serve the coffee straight away!

V60 by Hario

Coffee type: Customized depending on the speed of pouring the water…You will get a coffee with Umami flavors!

brewing method


Founded in Tokyo in 1921, Hario Ltd started as a laboratory glassware producer. They experiment with coffee-maker in the 60s but it is only in 2008 that they receive their first price for their plastic and ceramic cone-shaped coffee dripper.



  1. Grind 7g of coffee, it should look like kosher salt
  2. Rinse the filter with tap water and empty the rinsing water
  3. Add 7g of coffee to your filter and pour 13ml of water. You can make a hole in the center of the grounds. 
  4. Let it rest or ‘bloom’ for 45s
  5. Pour the rest of the water in circles, it should take about 2min15
  6. Remove the V60 from the top of the recipient and enjoy your coffee
  7. Thrash the filter with grounds to your compost!


Coffee type:  Thanks to its triple-layered filter, you will get a clean coffee, soft and aromatic with no bitterness.

brewing methods


It was invented in 1941 by the chemist Dr. Peter Schlumbohm. He develops over 300 patents, from automobile to cocktail shakers, and designed the Chemex with the desire to create a beautiful object that could brew coffee simply. 



  1. Grind 7g of coffee to a medium-coarse grind
  2. Place the filter with the triple layer covering the spout, and the single-layer opposite.
  3. Rinse the filter with hot water, then discard the water
  4. Add 7g of coffee to the Chemex, and pour 14ml of water at 94c in concentric circles.
  5. Let it rest, or ‘bloom’ for 45s
  6. Pour the rest of the water in concentric circles until you reach 100ml, it should take maximum of 2min30s
  7. Trash the filter with grounds to your compost and enjoy your coffee!

Aeropress (inverted)

Coffee type: Rich and Balanced coffee

brewing methods


His maker, Alan Adler, was looking for a portable and easy-to-handle coffee maker. He created his own, the AeroPress in 2005, a dish-washable gadget that makes fast, creamy, and clean coffee by using pressure and a sealed container.



  1. Grind 17g of coffee to a medium grind
  2. Place the filter in its holder and rinse it with hot water, then discard the water 
  3. Insert the plunger at the bottom of the Aeropress chamber and invert it
  4. Add 17g of coffee to the chamber, and pour 90ml of water at 92c
  5. Stir well only once
  6. Add the rest of the water (90ml)
  7. Let it brew for 1min
  8. Invert your Aeropress on the top of a pre-heated mug and press for 20 s
  9. Enjoy your coffee!

General Tips!

A clean Filter is key

Always rinse the filters with hot water

Freshly Roast and Freshly ground 

Use Freshly Roasted beans and grind the beans just before brewing

Size Matters

Get the correct grind for your coffee to get the best brewing

A warm cup for a better coffee 

Rinse the makers and cups with hot water in advance to keep coffee hot for longer.

Store your whole coffee beans in a clean, opaque, air-tight sealed container 

Don’t forget, you can compost your coffee grounds, filters included!

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