What is the price of your coffee?

Coffee beans roasted Masama

Have you ever looked at the price of coffee beans per kg?

I came across a few numbers about the price of coffee that I thought I would share with you.

By the way, to make an espresso with an espresso machine, you need 7.5g of coffee. A Nespresso capsule contains 5.5g.

The average cost of coffee /kg  
First Price Whole beans12.00 EUR
Specialty coffee Whole beans33.00 EUR
Nespresso pods86.00 EUR
Senseo pods22.80 EUR
Masama – Adoption of a tree38.00 EUR

Data from: maxicoffee.com, revised by Masama.

To me, coffee consumption is not just about answering a need for caffeine. It is a truly appreciated moment to sip my morning coffee or prepare a cup after my lunch. Looking again at those costs, I wonder if I would be willing to pay that much just to have a coffee done in less than 25sec by using a pod.

I encourage you to look around for local coffee roasters, artisans, and coffee magicians who might have a lot to offer! In addition to getting a coffee you like, they will take you around the world to discover many more coffee origins. Artisan coffee roasters usually work in close cooperation with brands like us, caring for the people behind every coffee bean, and the environment in which the tree grows. And if you have decided to go a step further, adopting a coffee tree might be the best option, and guess what…it is perfectly affordable!

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P.S: To take time is crucial, and it does not have price..

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