[Adoption] – a·dop·tion 


to sponsor the care and maintenance of.

I adopt a coffee tree with Masama.

Meet our Balinese partners

Masama sources its single origin coffee from the Indonesian Island of Bali. 

Made Sukarta and Agus Bayu

from Bon Village

In Bali, in the region of Kintamani, where orange trees and marigold thrives, Made Sukarta has been planting coffee for 10 years. He received seedlings from the government and learned by himself how to select the right seeds and cultivate the coffee trees.

Coffee tree adoption
Linedrawing of Pak Mika

Komang Mika

from Pajahan Village

Young 29 years old Mika has been working for 6 years in the tourism industry in Bali when he decided to go back to his village, in the hills of Pupuan. His grandfather and father have been planting and cultivating Robusta for years, he believes it is his responsibility to help them today.

Why the adoption of a coffee tree in Indonesia?

The Indonesian coffee production has been increasing significantly since the 2010s, supported by the government with the frequent distribution of seedlings.

Most of the time, small producers will sell their harvest ‘on the tree’ three months before the coffee cherries are mature. This method leads to early picking of the coffee beans by the farmers and thus decreases the quality of Indonesian coffee. 

On the other hand, the number of consumers of coffee worldwide is increasing with significant growth of the market of specialty coffees. Those coffees are for example traceable to the plantation and to the farmers and receive special care from the beans to the roasting to provide the best taste and profile to coffee lovers. 

This market is a real opportunity for smallholders to promote their coffee and their terroir!

By adopting a coffee tree before the harvest, the farmers are enable to monitor their crop yield easily and get a pre-payment that allows them to finance the manpower needed for the delicate harvest of the mature cherries. 

At Masama, we believe this is the best way to get your beans home! 

What really happens when I adopt?


I pre-finance the crops of a balinese coffee farmer to cover his production cost before he starts the harvest.

Direct Trade

I say yes to direct trade and I simplify the supply chain of coffees, working directly with its growers.

Guaranteed Volume

I provide insurance to the grower about the exact volumes he has to process and what will be his revenues.

Wooden sign is hang on the coffee tree

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