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Language shortcuts… simplifications… Indonesian Bahasa is full of it! Masama comes from ‘Sama-Sama’ which means ‘you are welcome’. Sama by itself however means ‘same’, but also ‘equal’ and ‘together’.

It got us inspired as our vision is to recognize the quality of Indonesian coffee beans and create a human-focused supply chain. Masama is the place where farmers and consumers can meet and build together a sustainable production of single-origin coffee.

Meet the people behind Masama!

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About the company

Masama is a growing platform for supporting coffee farmers in Indonesia!

Launched in 2019, Masama has transformed into a formidable platform for supporting coffee farmers in Indonesia. In 2023, our founder Amandine passed the torch to Heryanto to further anchor our activities in the country.

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Business Manager

As an Indonesian, I feel incredibly fortunate to hail from a country known for its abundant natural resources. With its fertile soil and varied crops, Indonesia is a leading global supplier of key commodities such as coffee, rubber, timber, and cocoa.
However, it’s disheartening to acknowledge the wealth gap between upstream producers and downstream players in the economy, despite our nation’s vast resources. Farmers often struggle to receive fair compensation for their hard work, and it’s a reality that we must confront.
That’s why I’m thrilled to be part of a project that aligns with my passion for human welfare and environmental preservation. Thanks to Amandine’s invitation, I’m excited to join forces with like-minded individuals to make a meaningful difference.

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I have been welcomed to Indonesia in 2014 to discover the world of spices and traditional farming. I truly fell in love with the forests of Sumatra, the smells of chili burning from the farmers’ house but most of all with the afternoon coffee and its friend the fried bananas… 

After traveling around the archipelago, I realized the difficulties for farmers to access a marketplace and get a fair price for their products. I was often surprised by how little the small coffee growers knew about the end consumers world!!

Indonesia gave me so much! It is my turn today to give back and support those Humans who work with Nature in the creation of a sustainable world of coffee. 

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The artist behind Masama

I was very happy when Amandine invited me to collaborate on creating the Masama brand identity. The logo itself represents the basic form of the coffee crop planting support system; the sun and the moon, mountains, soil, and coffee tree.

Adding some line drawings to the packaging design brings a ‘feeling of being close’ to farmers and coffee plants. This is exactly the kind of project that inspires me.

Through this brand, this is an opportunity for us to give back what nature has provided to support our lives. To also give appreciation to the farmers who have worked hard to provide the best quality coffee beans for you and to continue to preserve our nature.

At Masama, our priority is to be transparent! No greenwashing, no clap-trap…

We wish to establish a clean and green business, but we still have a long way to go! 

Our very first goal is to anchor our activities in Indonesia, working with Indonesian farmers but also providing opportunities to the local artisans and artists. We are promoting not only single-origin coffee, but we are also sharing with you the Indonesian culture in which Masama was born! 

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