Coffees from the volcanic lands of Indonesia

Masama was born in 2019, from a dream to bridge coffee farmers and coffee consumers. 

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From the cultivation of coffee trees to the harvest of coffee cherries and transformation into green coffee beans, until the final roasting of the beans, Masama accompanies the farmers and the consumers in their coffee journey. 

We partnered with two beautiful families of Balinese coffee producers to bring a taste of Indonesia to European consumer! 

But Masama is not only about coffee!

Our goal is also to invite you to discover the coffee culture, traditions, and landscapes of Indonesia. Sharing and caring are keywords when it comes to our business philosophy.

In an effort to support even more the growth of our partners, we have recently developed a new product coming from the waste of coffee production…

Masama Dried Coffee Cherries Arabica

After years of working with farmers, we realized that most of the time producers don’t know where their crop is going or how it is used…
And consumers also wonder about the origin and context of the production of the coffees they buy!
At Masama, it is our responsibility to be this platform of encounter and social discovery.

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Discover Coffees and other surprises from Indonesia

Meet our partners' families!

We take you on a short journey to the coffee plantation, where you will meet the family of Made!

What's new on our blog?

Have you ever cooked with coffee? And not for a tiramisu? 

Masama have been experimenting with our Balinese coffee to create delicious recipes

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